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Telephonic Appointment with Satguru Krishnan Ji

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Book an appointment to get rid of your problems

Guru Krishnan Ji has spent years in Sadhana and gained the ability to solve all sorts of problems through astrology. He is a world renowned astrologer, who has imparted solutions to numerous seekers. May it be problems related to business, quarrels at home, husband-wife dispute, disharmony, misfortune, unrequited love, disputes of property or any other problem, Guru Krishnanji can help you with his astrology and diverse knowledge.

Fix your appointment with Guruji and get a solution for your personal or professional problems. You can book a face to face appointment with Guru Krishnanji or if for some reason you are unable to visit him in person, you can get a telephonic appointment from Guruji. Non-residents of India need not travel to India in order to seek solution to their problems, they can book a telephonic appointment.

Guru Krishnanji will ask you some questions and details of your horoscope, like date of birth, place of birth, time of birth. Don’t worry if you do not have the precise information about your birth, answer the simple questions of Guruji. With the strength of his Sadhana he will provide you a solution to any sort of your problem.

Fill in the form below and deposit the specified amount to get an appointment with the renowned astrology Guru Krishnanji. Please mention three dates/time as per your convenience, for a face to face appointment. Depending upon the availability of the dates you will be informed about the actual date of appointment. Similarly, mention three specific suitable times for a telephonic appointment and you will be informed about the time fixed with Guruji.


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For any other information you can mail us at sales@bhagyadarpan.com along with your query and payment details and we will revert you accordingly